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titan Services


In its core the titan platform consist of the following services: the Flow Engine (i.e. the ControlPeers and BrickRunner), the Grid Manager, the Flow Manager, the User Service, the Package Manager, and the Repository Service. The Grid Manager serves as a middleware service between the titan UI and ControlPeers (the Flow Engine). The Repository Service constitutes an API for interaction with a database. The User Service constitutes an API for handling platform user signups, login etc. The Flow Manager constitutes an API for handling flows, i.e. creating, deleting etc. The Package Manager constitutes an API for handling Brick packages. The Log Engine fetches log messages sent by the services or the Flow Engine from the Kafka backbone and provides them upon request. The Endpoint Provider allows bricks to dynamically create endpoints, receive their requests, and send responses to them.

For in detail descriptions of the services read their individual documentation sections. And the additional UML Diagrams for insight of the in service activities.