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Definition of Done

In order to view a ticket as completed the following items must be completed :

  • [ ] In code comments
  • [ ] API documentation
  • [ ] Unit Tests
  • [ ] Architecture documentation
  • [ ] Code review
  • [ ] Merged to master

1. Code is commented

All public elements must (including functions) have a explanatory comment.

Please refer to the specific language style guide if unsure on how to comment.

2. API Functionality is documented separately

If a API has being modified the documentation of that API has to be updated.

The API documentation must define for every function:

  • How do I call that function?
  • What parameters do I insert?
  • What is the type of that parameter?
  • Is that parameter optional or mandatory?
  • What is the response I get?

3. Unit Test for every API function is written

For every API function there must be a corresponding Unit Test.

If unsure on how to write a Unit Test please refer to the specific language
style guide.

4. Architecture Documentation is being updated

If the changes modify or enlarges the overall architecture (e.g. new service
or new connection) the architecture documentation is being updated.

5. Code review, merged to master

Each merge request undergoes code review. After all potential issues and
discussions are resolved the code gets merged into master.