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Role Model

Industrial DevOps involves people from different domains, business units and organizations. This document describes roles to be assigned to people or groups. Roles can differ depending on the specific context. The description here is a starting point for discussions.

role model


A developer is a highly trained person. This person has learned to develop software in many programming languages. Many different aspects of software development like code quality or version management are covered.

In Industrial DevOps many developers spread over many teams in different organizations work together on a single system. The role model introduces the following categories.

  • The Platform Developer works on new features and improvements of the titan platform itself.
  • The Tool Developer creates software tools or interfaces for hardware that is integrated into the system.
  • The Brick Developer creates Flow Bricks. He works closely together with the Tool developers.

IT Operator

The IT Operator is highly trained in installing, configuring and running IT infrastructure. This person is also responsible for installing, updating, configuring and running software applications.

Flow Manager

The Flow Manager is a person that is closely related to the business, but with a special training to master all aspects of flow modeling. This person works as a connection between business and technology. The Flow manager implements new Flows and Flow changes according to business requirements.

Business Unit Manager

The Business Unit Manager can be located on all levels of the hierarchy. This person knows about the business requirements and works together with the Flow Manager, the Domain Expert and the Process Operator to refine requirements.

Domain Expert

The Domain Expert owns exceptional deep knowledge about the domain at hand.

Process Operator

The Process Operator benefits from a new Flow or a Change. This person is involved in utilizing the Flow in everyday work.

IT Security Expert

The IT Security Expert is responsible for the IT Security Domain of the whole organization. The IT Security Expert works together with development and operations through on levels of the system.